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Stressed from debt?

General Trish Pigott 22 May

Are you stressed out from debt?  See below how we saved some clients $1,156.00 a month by refinancing and consolidating their debt


Mortgage:                    $425,000.00

Monthly payment:     $1,785.00

New Mortgage Balance:           $500,000.00
Credit Card Debt:       $16,000.00

Monthly payment:     $480.00

New Monthly payment:            $1,959.00
Car Loan:                      $18,000.00

Monthly payment:     $370.00

SAVINGS per month:                  $1,156.00
Line of Credit:             $24,000.00

Monthly payment:     $480.00

This would give you a cushion leaving some cash left over in these unprecedented times
Total Debt:                  $483,000.00
Total Monthly Payments:      $3,115.00 NEW MONTHLY PAYMENT:      $1,959.00

Current mortgage terms estimated at 2.99+% with 30 year amortization and minimum monthly credit and loan payments made


Current mortgage terms estimated at 2.45% with 30 year amortization OAC