NOA – What is it? Why you need it

General Trish Pigott 30 Mar

NOA stands for Notice of Assessment.  It is an assessment that the CRA completes after personal income taxes are filed.  Once your tax return is reviewed by the CRA, they will send out the Notice of Assessment to confirm if you either have a balance due to CRA or if you are getting a refund.  This document is one of the most requested items when gettting approved for a mortgage.  Do not throw this document out, keep it filed with your tax return for the corresponding tax year. 

If you need to request these again, you can do so online with CRA if you already have My Account set up.  If not, you can sign up but then CRA will mail you a password.  It takes about 5 days to get the account set up and then you will be able to access previous tax years if needed at any time. 

Click here  to request your NOA’s 

If you need clarification, call anytime at 604-552-6190. 

Just remember, keep them and that most likely you will need to provide the last 2 years next time you need to qualify for a mortgage.