When Refinancing Makes Sense

General Trish Pigott 15 Jan

It’s always asked if one should consider a refiance or wait for their current term to mature.  Here’s a few tips to help you decide:

*If your current mortgage rate is more than .50% higher than todays current rates

*If you have equity in your home and high interest debt that you are no where near paying off

*If you need access to funds that are at high interest rates resulting in high monthly payments

*If you need access to funds to purchase investments or complete renovations

*If you need an improvement to your monthly cash flow because your bills are too high and need to consolidate

Those are all very common reasons why one will refinance so if you think you would like to explore options, contact me and I will do a free analysis to tell you if it makes sense or not. 

Top 5 Home Buying Reminders You Need to Follow

General Trish Pigott 8 Jan

Get Pre-Qualified FIRST!  – Before you even start looking at homes, ensure you are pre-qualified by a mortgage broker.  This way you get advice, knowledge and experience from someone that has access to more than just one bank.

Get your Finances in order – At this point you will want to pay down as much consumer debt as you can!  Buying a home with all debts racked or near limit is not how you want to start home ownership.

Get your Documents in order – This is when you want to start to gather what your mortgage broker told you that you’ll need.  If you do this before you make your offer, then it will be less stressful during your subject removal period.

Get your Budget in order – Ensure you know what your budget is so that you can account for your new mortgage payment and property taxes as well as strata fees if you are looking at a condo. 

Get your Partners in order – Work with people that you trust, have experience and knowledge about the entire process and are committed to working tirelessly to ensure you have the best home buying experience.  There’s always bumps but you will want people who have your best interest at heart.

I have helped hundreds of home owners with their mortgages and worked with many people for months and in some cases years while they shop for their home.  Even if you are thinking about getting into the market, call now, it’s never too early.  I will personally look after your file from start to finish and can be reached at 604-729-7940.