Second Mortgage or Refinance?

Mortgage Tips Trish Pigott 29 Sep

A second mortgage may be something to consider if you’ve built equity in your property and need access to a loan. Consider using this equity for refinancing, renovations, or debt consolidation. What is a Second Mortgage? A secondary loan taken out on a property for which you already have a mortgage. This is not the […]

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Insurance 101

General Trish Pigott 22 Sep

Not all insurance products are created equal. One of the most common mistakes people make is assuming they have coverage when they don’t. While you may have one kind of insurance, it won’t cover everything. It is important to understand all of the different products to ensure you are properly covered. To help you have […]

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Retirement Options As a Canadian

General Trish Pigott 20 Sep

Have you been thinking of retirement? People over the age of 55 currently represent 33.09% of the total Canadian population. This part of the population knows what they want in order to live a fulfilling life as they enter retirement. However, they do not always have the financial means available to them to support their […]

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Time For a Mortgage Transfer?

General Trish Pigott 16 Sep

You may be thinking of a mortgage transfer or change because you want to take advantage of a better interest rate. Or perhaps you’d like to switch to a mortgage product with terms that better suit your needs. Either way, there are a few different scenarios you could find yourself in. Up for renewal? If […]

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Overnight Rate Gets Hiked Again

General Trish Pigott 9 Sep

The Bank of Canada Hiked Rates Again And Isn’t Finished Yet On Wednesday, the Bank of Canada raised its target for the overnight rate by 75 basis points to 3.25% and signaled that the policy rate would rise further. The Bank is also continuing its policy of quantitative tightening (QT), reducing its holdings of Government […]

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Financial Stress Management

General Trish Pigott 6 Sep

Let’s talk about financial stress. If you lost your job tomorrow, would you be okay? Having financial knowledge allows you to better assess your options and create a plan without getting overwhelmed. However, even with the best plans and all the financial literacy in the world, it’s impossible to completely eliminate financial stress. So, how […]

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How Rising Interest Rates Affect Your Debts

General Trish Pigott 1 Sep

Rising inflation combined with a strengthening post-pandemic economy, gives both reason and opportunity for the Bank of Canada (BOC) to further raise interest rates through to the end of 2022 and beyond. The 1% increase to the benchmark overnight rate in early July was a wake-up call. Unfortunately, they were not bluffing and are prepared […]

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Debt Consolidation: To Do It or Not?

Mortgage Tips Trish Pigott 30 Aug

Have you considered debt consolidation? If you are a Canadian living in debt, you are not alone. According to Statistics Canada, household debt grew faster than income last year, with Canadians owing $1.83 for every dollar of household disposable income to debt(1). Canadian households use almost 13.48% of income for debt re-payment(2). So how can […]

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Kitchen renovations: Are they worth it?

General Trish Pigott 26 Aug

Thinking of doing kitchen renovations? Although they may add value to your home, it’s worth asking yourself why you want to renovate in the first place. Do you want to sell in the near future and boost the sale price? Or do you want to make changes to better suit your lifestyle? The answers to […]

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Technology Upgrades For Your Home

General Trish Pigott 23 Aug

Are you an early adopter of technology? If you’re not, it can feel as though you’re constantly behind the curve with the ever-evolving startups, apps, and new devices. Trying to catch up can be daunting and very expensive. However, there are quick, reasonably-priced steps you can take in your home to bring it a step […]

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