How to Talk to Your Kids about Finances.

General Trish Pigott 13 Sep

Financial independence is a critical skill for future success that your children will not learn anywhere else. Not only does financial literacy help your children have more success in life, but it allows them to move out sooner, and it avoids delaying your retirement with additional expenses to support them. So, how do you teach […]

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BoC Announcement Today and What This Means for You

General Trish Pigott 6 Sep

  Today the Bank of Canada announced a pause in their rate hikes, leaving its policy unchanged. Which also means no change to current mortgage payments if you have a Variable Rate Mortgage. The central bank followed this announcement with a statement, saying that they are “prepared to increase the policy interest rate further if […]

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What Insurance Protection Does Your New Home Need?

Home Tips Trish Pigott 30 Aug

More buyers are coming off the sidelines and looking to enter the market. Prices are high, so protecting your investment and home is more important than ever. What insurance will you need to protect your new home? A quick Google search will turn up title and home insurance entries. They each protect consumers but from […]

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Five Steps to Crush Your Credit Card Debt

Home Tips Trish Pigott 23 Aug

Although most credit card interest rates have not been affected by the recent surge in the prime lending rate, the fact remains that credit card debt is usually the most expensive debt you can have. The average is around 20%, and even the so-called ‘low interest’ cards carry a rate above 10%. Expediting the demise […]

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Understanding Mortgage Rates

Mortgage Tips Trish Pigott 16 Aug

While not the only factor to consider when choosing a mortgage, interest rates remain one of the more prominent decision criteria with any mortgage product. Understanding how mortgage rates are determined and the differences between your typical fixed-rate and variable-rate options can help you make the best decision to suit your needs. How Rates Are […]

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Market Beware: Subject Free Offers

General Trish Pigott 9 Aug

When purchasing a home, most offers include conditions or subjects, which are requirements or criteria to be met before the sale can be finalized and the property is transferred. Some of the most common subjects include: Financing approval Home inspection Fire/home insurance protection Strata document review if appliable The purpose of these subjects is to […]

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Are you Moving soon?

Home Tips Trish Pigott 2 Aug

If you want to up or downsize your home and are moving during your current mortgage cycle, keep a few things in mind. First, making any change to your mortgage during your mortgage term is considered “breaking” the mortgage. Portability If your mortgage is portable, moving up and scaling down will be much simpler. If […]

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What is Alternative Lending?

General Trish Pigott 26 Jul

When traditional lenders, such as banks or credit unions, deny mortgage financing, it can be easy to feel discouraged. However, there is always an alternative! If you’re seeking a mortgage, but your application doesn’t fit into the box of the big traditional institutions, you’ll find yourself in what’s commonly referred to in the industry as […]

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The Difference Between Guarantors and Co-Signers

Home Tips Trish Pigott 19 Jul

Thank you to our partners at First National for a breakdown on the difference between the two. What is the difference between a Guarantor and a Co-signer? Guarantors are not on title to the property but will provide a guarantee to ensure the mortgage debt is being paid by signing the mortgage commitment and the […]

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Bank of Canada’s July Announcement & What This Means for You.

General Trish Pigott 12 Jul

The Bank of Canada announced this morning that the key interest rate will be raised another 25 basis points. This morning’s announcement will be the fifth interest rate announcement of 2023, but the 10th rate hike since the start of the tightening in 2022, with three more scheduled for the rest of this year. The […]

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