Fixed or Variable? To Lock in or Not?

General Trish Pigott 4 Nov

Here we are once again at a cross road to either lock in or remain in your ultra low variable rate mortgage. Basically we are sitting at all time historical lows with mortgage rates. We have never seen the Bank of Canada reduce rates to this level which in turn affects the Prime rates which […]

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Bank of Canada Announces it’s Latest Rate Decision

General Trish Pigott 28 Oct

The Bank of Canada surprised markets on Oct. 27th with a more hawkish stance on inflation and the economy. The Bank released its widely anticipated October Monetary Policy Report (MPR) in which its key messages were: * The Canadian economy has accelerated robustly in the second half. * Labour markets have improved, especially in the […]

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Fixed Rates Rising? Yes they are…

General Trish Pigott 19 Oct

There has been a lot of chatter in the markets over the past week about fixed rates rising.  This is mainly due to the government bond yields continuously rising which in turn will impact fixed mortgage rates.  While many are enjoying the benefits of ultra low rates since the start of the pandemic, we could […]

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Types of Homes

General Trish Pigott 15 Oct

When it comes to finding your perfect home, there are so many more options for potential homeowners! From a single-family dwelling to a townhouse to a modular home, the choices are seemingly endless. Before you start widening your search, let’s take a look at what makes these home types different – and which one is perfect […]

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Refinancing – Process, Consideration, and Benefits

Mortgage Tips Trish Pigott 13 Oct

Refinancing your mortgage refers to the process of renegotiating your current mortgage agreement for a variety of reasons. Essentially, refinancing allows you to pay off your existing mortgage and replace it with a new one. There are a variety of reasons to consider mortgage refinancing, such as wanting to leverage large increases in property value, […]

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Mortgage Toolbox Calculator

General Trish Pigott 12 Oct

Part of trying to be the best team we can for our clients is staying aware of what questions can we easily answer and help with. The biggest topic we see searched is for mortgage calculators. We have an app that can help with that! The My Mortgage Toolbox application was designed to make it simple […]

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Is Your Mortgage Portable?

Mortgage Tips Trish Pigott 6 Oct

Selling your current home and moving into a new one can be stressful enough, let alone worrying about your current mortgage and whether you’re able to carry it over to your new home. Porting enables you to move to another property without having to lose your existing interest rate, mortgage balance and term. And, better […]

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Mortgages On Leasehold Property

General Trish Pigott 5 Oct

Have you been considering purchasing a home on a leasehold property? Living in Vancouver the market can be expensive, this is an option to owning with a smaller purchase price. There are drawbacks to this route. Like anything its always good to read the fine print. A leasehold property means that the owner owns the […]

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Subject Free Offers and Risks

General Trish Pigott 1 Oct

With multiple offers and bidding wars now the new norm, our clients find themselves, in the heat of the experience, contemplating a subject-free offer.   Most of our clients are totally qualified. They have well established careers and businesses, amazing credit ratings, large down payment funds, etc. They are the type of clients who will […]

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