BC Government introducing a new tax and increase foreign home buyers tax

General Trish Pigott 22 Feb

The BC Government has just announced they will be introducing a new tax that will affect property speculators.  With that new tax, will come an increase to the foreign home buyers tax.  What the BC Government is trying to do is cool off the market and make it more affordable.  Click this link to read a great article explaining all this in greater detail.

What is the difference between a Bank or a Credit Union?

General Trish Pigott 2 Feb

When looking to obtain a new mortgage nowadays (especially after the new B-20 guideline was rolled out) it is very good to know the difference between Banks and Credit Union’s.  That way you are equipped with more knowledge on what your options are when shopping for a mortgage.  This article touches on a couple of the differences.  Click below to read – and call our office with any other questions or concerns!


Bank vs. Credit Union – A who is who in borrowing